Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Page 12

Got page 12 finished early, so it's live as we speak.

Also, I'm adding a comic called, North World by Lars Brown, to my links section, you should all go check it out, it's great!!!!

Take care,


Justin The Conqueror said...

So yeah, North Country was pretty fantastic. I added him to my list of comics and i'll keep reading up on it. I want a fancy copy of the Wizard and Snort comic....the one where he's on the stage!! MAKE ME A NICE PRINT!!!

Josh Ulrich said...

$10 and I can get you a quality print, matted and signed.

And North World is definately awsome.

Justin The Conqueror said...

Hmm, Consider it a go for launch ...hehe. I'm collecting art from different web comics and i really wanted to add that one to the collection. It's fantastic!