Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Internet Worries

*le sigh*

So I set up a new studio in the house this weekend to do my work, which was great. I've got more space, a clean enviroment and minimal distractions... of course I also have a less then amazing internet connection. My Imac has a built in airport wireless internet, but I'm having trouble getting it to respond to the router from where I'm at. There's a few possible ways I can try to fix this, but if all else fails, I will be moving the computer back to my room. This is way there has been no comic monday. Uploading Fridays comic was an absolute nightmare. Everytime I tried to upload the new index, completely different pages that I haden't touched for years where showing up as my homepage, and then it was just white and broken for most of the day because I had to go to work. Then several hours later, I finally got it back up... so, I'm a little scared to try and post again until I get my internet back up properly.

If this continues too long, I will start posting the new strips here in the blog. I should have this resolved pretty soon however.

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