Monday, November 5, 2007

It's official...

I HATE GOLIVE!!! This has to be the worst program adobe has ever made. What kind of program just randomly decides to change links that you have made in past pages??? I can create a page, let's say 45. I will set the forward button to link to page 46, and the back button to link to page 44. I will save everything and load it. Then I load up the page and when I press the back button it goes to 41 instead of 44. I bring up the html file and sure enough, it has changed without me doing it. I really, really, hate this program. If you are experiencing these issues, I apologize, I'm trying to fix all of them as I find them.

I'm still learning Dreamweaver, CSS, and web standards and will be rebuilding the site from the ground up once I'm comfortable with the programing.

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