Saturday, September 15, 2007

Aha!! and other W&S news.

I knew wednesday's strip still looked squished, and I was right. For some reason I ran into a ton of problems getting that page up properly, and after finally sorting it out, it still seemed off. I think I acciently let the shift key slip when i was resizing it for web and it got squished. All fixed now however. I'm trying to keep three strips up a week, even though I posted the official switch to two. I have two never seen daily strips that will be going up soon, since I probably wont be able to get another sunday done before monday. Hope you guys are liking the sunday strips, they are a beast to make.

I am almost finished getting my submission packages done. All I have left is to make a character sheet for one of the syndicates, and two more sundays for another. The all have different specifics for submissions. I believe I have everything I need for at least two of them, maybe three. I sent one off to United Features already, but it wasn't as strong as the ones I put together for the others. Oh well. As soon as all this is done, I start the road to building my next submission for three months from now =P

The one thing I feel that may hurt me with the submission I put together (it's not exactly what you've seen on the site. I cut out the first strip, and the strip where snort is whisteling, and added two strips you havent seen yet.) is that most of my strips so far are very narrative. I've tried to tell small stories, but at the same time make each strip funny on it's own. I think for a lot of them I did that, but there are still some that falter a bit. I don't think what I'm doing is bad, it's just that for the most part, the first few weeks of a newspaper strip should all explain themselves. In other words, you dont need to have read yesterdays strip, to get todays. Maybe I'm just paranoid and sceptical, but I also feel like I'm being realistic.

So the next few months of Wizard and Snort will be much more self contained strips, funny on their own. I may still do little stories, but they will be shorter, and you should be able to jump into them at pretty much any moment.

Mike came over the other night and we did a new podcast, it should be up within the next few days.

Til' next time,

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