Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I was working on one of my strips when suddenly it dawned on me. Why am I turning in submission packages that I know have issues that will hurt me? I don't know why it wasn't before, but suddenly it was very clear that this was a bad idea. I was reading Get Fuzzy and looking at some of the longer stories he tells. He manages to keep the story moving, but you could read pretty much any strip in the story by itself, having never read another one of his strips, and it's funny.

I have identified a few strips in my submission that will not work alone and I am taking the steps to fix them. A few will be re-worded, some will have panels added, and others will be cut altogether. I wrote four new strips yesterday and I'm still going at it. A lot of sydnicates will take up to 6 weeks worth of strips, currently my submission was the minimum of four.

So how does this effect the site? It doesn't really. The strips on the site will pretty much stay unchanged. However, when I'm finished with it, I will probably post all the revised strips somewhere for you guys to check out.

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Luke said...

Newman rockin a FDTN shirt, NICE.